Here is more GEBI inside, than you might guess!
Here is more GEBI inside, than you might guess!
Bierbach GmbH Verbindungstechnik
Werdohler Str. 23
D - 58762 Altena

phone: + 49 (0) 2352 20 14 - 0
fax: +49 (0) 2352 20 14 - 59

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The company Bierbach

GEBI is Bierbach. And Bierbach is GEBI. It' as simple as that. J. Georg Bierbach already founded the company in 1885 and became leading screw manufacturer fast. In 2006 the Bierbach GmbH Verbindungstechnik (technique for joining parts) started to become today's market leader in cold forming for screws
>in diverse cold upsetting qualities
>in high-grade steel V2A, V4A
>in chrome steel
>in aluminium, brass and other materials (on customer's request)
Today Bierbach Verbindungstechnik is innovative partner, whether it's a matter of solutions for construction and joining problems. GEBI is powerful, creative and flexible, because we know: our know-how is your success on individual planning and successful application of screw joints and cold forming components.

Safety for safety Individual constructions demand extraordinary fasteners. We produce safety for areas of application with optimal saftey requirements like e.g. facades construction.
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